A Dater's Life

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah, the joys of on-line dating...

In an attempt to force myself to move on, I posted my profile at an on-line dating site. I'm distracting myself by winking and e-mailing with random fellows, not necessarily looking for dates or romance, but just having fun flirting. I received an e-mail this morning from a potential match. It reads:
are you a thong or brief kinda gal at 5'10"?
well groomed? shaved/waxed?
good kisser?
Well, with a catch like that beating on my inbox, who needs a budding relationship that was built on mutual attraction, endless sexual chemistry, common interests and life goals, a fun mental spark, good communication, patience, respect, caring, etc. etc.?


Words of Wisdom

When you've been unexpectedly dumped, right at the moment where you felt that your relationship really could become something special, by a man you were falling in love with who you thought was falling in love with you, by a man who couldn't keep his hands off of you, who went out of his way to do special things for you, who you never fought or bickered with, who balanced you out, who you always had fun with, who you were developing what seemed like a foundation based on mutual respect, caring, and trust...

...do not, under any circumstances watch The Notebook.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's been awhile

I haven't had much to blog about because, well, things have been going well.

There's always a "but" though, isn't there?

It's over. Mr. Nice ended things (very abruptly) last night. For those still checking my blog out, I'll post an update in the next few days, after I've gotten some sleep and purged my body of all of these tears.

At least I'll have more fun and exciting stories from the dating world to write about. I do what I can to keep my audience happy.